Grand Targhee Resort, WY Report: Cold Storm Keeps On Blowin’

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It’s full steam ahead in the Tetons. Photo: Powder Day Photography

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Report from January 5th – 7th, 2022

It’s been a wild few days in the Teton Mountains, and at Grand Targhee.

Old Man Winter has lathered Wydaho’s favorite resort with another 30″ over the last three days.

Reverse angle on the action from Dreamcatcher chairlift. Photo: P.M.Fadden

As reported by our colleagues in the field, the Teton Range is enjoying an awesome stretch of deep winter days, and with the fresh stuff blowin’ all over, it’s little wonder that skiing and snowboarding has been stellar–albeit kinda blind. 

Moderate-to-high winds have sculpted exposed faces at Targhee into a frozen desert of white dunes, largely running laterally across fall line. Thick, salt shaker storm clouds are hanging around the summits like a rowdy party guest who just won’t pass out. And temps too have gotten a bit loopy, as some days have fallen well-into frostbite territory only to be broken-up by spikes that have watered (and weighted) the snowpack in general.

Grinning like an idiot…and going like hell. Photo: P.M.Fadden

This most recent crystal cache at the Ghee spreads like butter, swishes like cloth, and is perfectly capable of swallowing a popped ski for the fun of it. Tree lines continue to be excellent hideaways from wind as well as stash spots for transported powder. But above all, be sure to keep the wits sharp through these days in the chowder bowl.

Winter is throwing its weight around on the west side of the Tetons, and at Grand Targhee!


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Your winter commute starts here. Photo: P.M.Fadden


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