Grand Targhee Resort, WY; The ‘Vibe’ Abides!

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Keep on keepin’ on at the ‘GheePhoto: David Stubbs

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Laidback Hootenanny; those two grin-worthy words provide solid primer on the Vibe that thrives at Grand Targhee Resort.

Targhee Vibe is founded on family, on free-wheelin’ spirit, and on the colorful characterful roots which got people skiing in the first place. 

Targhee’s the home of feisty fun, especially when snow’s involved. Photo: P.M.Fadden

Families ski the Ghee to enjoy each other, the snow conditions, and to just plain revel in an ‘ol fashion good time. That’s an unspoken truth of Targhee, and it’s been in place since the resort’s Opening Day in 1969.

Grand Targhee has safeguarded wild spirit for more than fifty years by blending seamlessly history, tradition, and rascally thrill. Boiled down to the basics, Targhee Vibe is 2,500 vertical feet of friendly neighborhood skiing along the backbone of the Tetons, on some of the best snow to fall in North America.

A hitch in their step and the Vibe in their hearts. Photo: P.M.Fadden

What makes the Vibe unique is its people and the culture they live by. With the stunning Teton Mountains as backdrop, it’s natural that the Vibe is outdoor-oriented and surely welcoming of originality. And when it comes to wavy turns through high crystal seas, it’s tough to beat Targhee’s snowpack…or its hospitality.

Harvest time… Photo: P.M.Fadden

Grand Targhee is a ‘must’ destination when planning your next big trip, because around these parts, rowdy fun and genuine respect intertwine within a wide-open garden that’s perfect for growing the Vibe among your own tribe.  

“Escape the crowds,” said one Targhee local. “Get back to the way skiing and snowboarding are meant to be experienced. It’s alive and well here, at Targhee.”

Miles Dyson demonstrates the depth of Targhee’s Vibe. Photo: P.M.Fadden

The free-spirited locals who call the Tetons and Targhee home look beyond conventional approaches to find their own best version of skiing–and living. Targhee Vibe is an emblem of that mindset. It stretches from fireside to summit, and along every deep line in-between.

Home and Hearth at Grand Targhee. Photo: David Stubbs

Beyond lifts or lodges, Targhee’s vibe naturally extends all the way to the carpark, where the art of the tailgate rises to a shine. The lots where cars are left transforms into Valhalla of comradery, BBQ, and wandering old mutts trawling for a pat.

And then there’s Trap Bar—the Trap, for short. This rockin’ slopeside speakeasy is arguably the crown jewel of Vibe at the Ghee. And it draws headliner traveling musical talent with its central stage and cozy atmosphere.

It’s the kinda joint where a fella dancin’ with his own crutches for a partner fits right in on the floor.

Long Live The Trap! Photo: David Stubbs

On the chairlift or at the street corner, shared greetings are as warm as they are genuine, thanks to the Targhee Vibe. And no two passersby stay strangers for long. The community at the Ghee is all about person-ability, good-natured heckling, and raucous, booming laughter so deep, it’s conceivable to hear the good times echoing across the ski area on any given ski day. Here the lifties know you by name, the bar staff remembers your bevy, and best of all, the kiddos are learning to carry on the tradition by simply enjoying each new ski day.

Be it Nordic skiing, Alpine, Climbing, Boarding, Fat Bike touring, or live music, dance classes—in ski boots, when it comes to the grandest aspects of Teton lifestyle, they’re found at the only resort with the Targhee Vibe.’ 

One big happy family in the carpark on a pow-day. Photo: P.M.Fadden
Mapping-out the good vibes. Image: courtesy Grand Targhee Resort

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3 thoughts on “Grand Targhee Resort, WY; The ‘Vibe’ Abides!

  1. why won’t you let me comment? Why have comments if you do not post them? I have skied at Targhee for 22 years. The vibe has been sold out

  2. Enjoy the “Vibe” while you can. The Master Development Plan and the Planned Unit Development say other wise. GTR wants to develop, develop, develop the “Vibe” you keep writing about. Say good bye to the Grand Targhee Vibe. It is a thing of the past. It is going to be torn down and rebuilt. Say hello to Park City, Breckenridge, Vail, Aspen, JMHR, Big Sky, or Deer Valley. GTR is not a local secret anymore, the “Vibe” is not a good business plan. “Vibe” does not make money. Real estate makes money. Pushing the locals out makes money. Better save up so you can buy a Bogner one piece. That is the new “Vibe”

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