Grand Targhee WY, Conditions Report: POW!

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“Stick of Truth” …and it hasn’t let up since! Image courtesy Grand Targhee Resort

Brought to you by Grand Targhee Resort

The Tetons say to Winter, “Great to see ya ol’ Buddy, come on in!” Winter replies, “Thanks, don’t mind if I stay awhile.”

Heavy snowfall has pounded Teton Valley (& beyond) throughout yesterday, overnight, and into this morning. Personnel and facilities at Targhee are cranking, as per usual crowds are at a minimum, and everyone is STOKED for a great day of skiing.

Words to the wise: rapid accumulation of feather-light pow has made for high level of avalanche danger. Smart moves are the way forward today, backed by the happy knowledge that it’s gonna be a big, beautiful winter at Grand Targhee Resort.

Look closely; that Patrolman is smiling from ear-to-ear. P.M. Fadden photo

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3 thoughts on “Grand Targhee WY, Conditions Report: POW!

  1. I know we live in a world where Orwellian fake news has left the crude propaganda of the old Soviet Union and WWII Germany in the dust, but is that an excuse to simply lie about something as vital to life as skiing?

    I live 11 miles from the slopes of Grand Targhee, and I can testify that the only base that is 50″ deep might be in a hidden pocket of trees on a north slope. The base on most of the mountain is 0″ of dirt and rock recently dusted with 24″‘ of wind blown dry powder with about the moisture content of 6″ of wet or settled snow.

    How the ownership thinks that misrepresenting their actual conditions to induce people to drive here in search of skiing constitutes good marketing is beyond me.

  2. Maybe you should point out that all that powder fell on dirt rocks and grass and only one lift (Shoshone) is open with 300’ vert and a base of man-made snow.

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