Grand Targhee, WY, Officially Closing Its Cat Ski Operations After 33 Years

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Consistent and plentiful snowfall made Grand Targhee a fantastic cat ski operation. Credit:

Since 1989, guests at Grand Targhee Resort could get world-class access to cat skiing on Peaked Mountain. It was a rare experience from other cat skiing adventures, with the operation being associated with the ski area, but extremely convenient to be able to ski the resort and the cat out of the same base area.

Now, after 33 years, the operation said its final farewell.

The reason for the discontinuation appears to be because of plans to expand the existing ski resort and make the current cat skiing terrain part of the ski area. When the resort was looking for a different area to move the cat skiing terrain, it was met with concern over its impact on important wildlife habitats, as well as the natural beauty of the area. Not being able to get approval for a new cat skiing area seems to be what put the operation in jeopardy.

For the 2022/23 ski season, the new Colter lift will give resort skiers access to ride Peaked Mountain. This will greatly enhance the resort experience. It is just too bad it comes with the elimination of cat skiing that so many powder enthusiasts have enjoyed over the years.

The trail map will look different next year. Credit:

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