Grand Targhee, WY Report: Opening Weekend; Base In Place And Stoke Is Building

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Systems ‘go’ for launch at Grand Targhee Resort. image: David Stubbs

Report from Friday the 20th through Sunday the 22nd, November 2020 and brought to you by 10 Barrel Brewing

The only thing better than the weather was the Targhee Vibe. Like the rest of the winter-happy world, Teton skiers and snowboarders had their eyes, and their edges, sharp for opening weekend at Grand Targhee Resort.

Is that polish on your toes, or are you just happy to be skiing? image: P.M.Fadden

Cold and snow had come early to Teton Valley, opening this awesome region for great early touring while setting the scene for an exciting, happy season opener. Atypical full-sunshine lent a feeling of beach lounging to the hot laps taking place on the ‘wet side’ of the Tetons.

For the early birds, Friday (& Saturday too) held their share of powder turns. The snowpack was light, windblown—not too deep—but workable. And later, rising sun, as well as spirits made for straight-up joyous S-turns on the groomers followed by snowball, fights with the wee-ones at the learner’s area.

“Thar be pow in them trees,” a lifty wisely advised. image: P.M.Fadden

Naturally, there was—and is—a particular need for mindfulness and safety (that’s the reality of our current ski season) which is why Grand Targhee was ready with dedicated staff who were on-point with helpful info or instruction all weekend long.

And on the topic of helpful info, it should be noted that strong wind had pushed through the valley just before opening, and as a result, the faces served by Blackfoot chairlift are certainly wanting for an added layer-or-two (in fact, the chair didn’t spin). But that shouldn’t imply there wasn’t plenty to go around.

Teton Valley as seen from Dreamcatcher Chairlift. image: P.M.Fadden

They’re skiing at Grand Targhee and there’s snow on way; welcome to winter in the Teton Mountains! Call the resort, or visit its site, for up-to-date info and expert advice on the condition of all climates.

Snow Report:

The state of the slopes at the close of operations, Monday. image: courtesy GTR



Week-long outlook. image: courtesy GTR

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