Grand Targhee, WY Report; Puttin’ On A Weekend 15″

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Yeehaw! image: Powder Day Photography

Report from the 20th & 21st February 2021

Brought to you by Grand Targhee Resort

The freshies continue to accumulate atop Grand Targhee, meaning plenty to smile about while skiing the Tetons’ west side.

A healthy blanket of 15 new, light, super-fun inches has coated the resort, 12 of those falling on Saturday alone. And honestly, that tally skied like an under-count. Wind transport certainly played its part over various portions of the last few days but, in the main, what’s been reported might just be Targhee displaying its humble nature.

A stack of reasons to get up early on a Saturday. image: P.M.Fadden

The nature of the snow that’s been falling over Targhee is of a quality that’s not soon forgotten. It’s fine yet sticks around; stacks-up quickly and ready-made for quick conversion to total White Room. Crystal such as this, stacked deep on geography as grand as the Tetons, and no wonder this region of Idaho/Wyoming is a birthplace of recreation during winter.

Snowpack across the open faces of Grand Targhee is a one-two combo of a floaty, billowing layer atop a soft yet slightly more set lower stack. Speed is still a friend as the planks will submerge into that top layer, but the edges will make quick word of what lies beneath nonetheless.

Dusty Dyson, age 13yrs, practicing ‘remote learning’ in the Blackfoot classroom. image: P.M.Fadden

As usual, the trees at The ‘Ghee are stunningly wrapped in frozen white, and better still, their groves hide untracked stashes. Wind collected drifts cling to the skirts of Grand Targhee’s iconic-ly winterized Pines. Shooting between tree groups to noodle through the trunks will likely reward in short but delightful dips into pure powder snow, even a day-or-two after a storm–just swim with a friend and be alert for Wells.

Sun sightings are on the rare-side lately. This brief cameo highlights the trees of The ‘Ghee. image: P.M.Fadden

With conditions of the sort to have graced Grand Targhee recently, it’s only natural that the resort is seeing a spike in popularity. Powder snow and eager line chasers usually equal a pumped-up volume. Where this is most sensed are the access road and drive stations. Fortunately, Targhee is working on a Winter Plan that emphasizes safety, provides public transport, and, ultimately, maintains its ability to operate when so many peer snow destinations have ‘paused’ or shut altogether.

As creatively wide-open as the terrain is at Grand Targhee Resort, there’s pleasantly little limit to where fresh zones might be found. All that remains is to seek and enjoy!

Bird’s eye on the Targhee base area from the mountain’s wild wide edges. image: P.M.Fadden

Snow Numbers:

State of the slopes as of Monday morning. image: courtesy GTR


5-Day Outlook. image: courtesy GTR

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