Grand Targhee, WY Report: Sunday the 20th; All Good, Everywhere

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Art of the slash at Grand Targhee. Image: Powder Day Photography

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Report from Saturday & Sunday, December 2020

Short and sweet, conditions at Grand Targhee Resort are exactly as this post’s title suggests. And, fortunately for this writer, a degree in the meteorological sciences is not required to deduce that nearly two weeks of non-stop snowfall amounts to decent odds at an excellent time skiing or snowboarding.

North facing? South? No matter ’cause it’s all-G. Image: P.M.Fadden

The accumulation has been a much-welcomed refresh for the groomed trails of Grand Targhee Resort, and outside the map’s lines, it’s light, rip-able, and getting better even as I type.

Precipitation quality, strange as this might read, is whisper fresh–honestly, that’s the phrase that blips in my brain every time I’m barrelled by the stuff. Imagine the effect of two rich, soft pieces of fabric passing against one another, and you’re not far off the sensation of carving the unique Whisper Snow of Targhee.

An army of Christmas Trees at Grand Targhee. Image: P.M.Fadden

Naturally, with the holidays nearing by the nanosecond, there’ll be plenty of human traffic, meaning all the more importance to be placed upon following all COVID-related safety instructions in place at Grand Targhee Resort. If we can manage that, then we can all keep skiing this great snow.

In closing, hats off to the excellent staff at Grand Targhee who continue to work hard so we can have fun. If any of the readers are the crew just mentioned, cheers for the good times.

And Happy Holidays to everyone!


Snow Numbers:

State of the slopes this weekend. image: courtesy GTR


Week-long forecast. Image: courtesy GTR

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