Grand Teton National Park, WY Sees Record Number of Visitations in January

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Grand Teton National Park. Image:

Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming, saw its highest recreational visitation on record for January 2021. January 2021 had a whopping 13,937 more visitors than January 2020 – from 51,648 (2020) to 66,585 (2021). In January 2003, the park came close to this number with 61,043 visitors.

Last year, Grand Teton National Park was closed for almost two months from March 24 through May 18th, although the park only saw a 3.4% decrease in visits compared to 2019. The park hosted 3,289,639 visitors in 2020, making it the fourth busiest year of all time, despite COVID shutdowns.

Grand Teton National Park’s top five busiest years are:

  • 2018 – 3,491,151
  • 2019 – 3,405,614
  • 2017 – 3,317,000
  • 2020 – 3,289,639
  • 2016 – 3,270,076

2021 might be Grand Teton National Park’s busiest year yet!

In 2020, the park was ranked the 5th busiest national park for recreation visits. National Parks are exceptionally important to the recreation and well-being of Americans, especially during a pandemic. Chip Jenkins, the superintendent of Grand Teton National Park remarked:

“National parks and public lands were extremely important to everyone this past year, providing fresh air, open space, and respite from the pandemic. We anticipate that we will see continued high interest in visiting Grand Teton National Park.”

GTNP monthly recreation visits by year. Credit: NPS

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