Who’s Got Snow? | Graph of Western Snowpack Right Now

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Western US Snowpack via SnowTel
Western US Snowpack via SnoTel

The USDA/NRCS National Water and Climate Center just released this snowpack map yesterday.  This map gives us a solid idea of who has snow this year and who doesn’t.  The numbers on the map represent the current percentages of average snowpack depth for February 10th.

It’s been a wild year in the West winter.  The Pacific Northwest has been enduring torrential rain, California is going through a historical drought, Utah is below average, while Wyoming, Idaho and Montana having been getting tons of snow.  Colorado is a mixed bag so far this year with most of the state seeing below average snowpacks.

The real eye openers are these locations:


123% of average snowpack in Western Montana

17% of average snowpack in Northern Washington State

116% of average snowpack in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

28% of average snowpack in Lake Tahoe, California

95% of average snowpack in Central Colorado

10% of average snowpack in Western Oregon

77% of average snowpack in the Wasatch Mountains, Utah


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