Great Divide Ski Area, MT Will be CLOSED Tomorrow Due to Brutally Cold Temperatures

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great divide, montana
Credit: Great Divide Facebook

Great Divide Ski Area, MT announced yesterday that they will not be opening Saturday due to the extreme temperatures they are forecast to experience.

Saturday Advisory! Very cold, windy and snowy.
Our weather charts show a windchill of 40 below all day.
That is too cold for people or machinery.

The weather is set to improve for Sunday, and there is 4-6″ of fresh snow forecast, so they will open 9:30-4. Temps will climb to zero and winds calm down, so they’ll run at least 3 main mountain chairlifts and maybe even the outer valleys.

This snowy / cold pattern is likely to be with us for several weeks. Maybe a good time to visit your favorite sporting supply store and pick up some new winter layers, gloves masks, etc.
Then come up and enjoy all the terrific powder snow making its way to GD! SAVE IT FOR SUNDAY!

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