Gunnison County, CO (Crested Butte) Orders ALL Non-Residents to Leave or Face $5,000 Fine and Jail

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An amendment to a public health order for Gunnison County, CO, home to Crested Butte ski area, prohibits all visitors, including non-resident homeowners from remaining in the county.

The Public Health Director found that non-residents, visitors, and non-resident homeowners are potentially at a greater risk for complications from coronavirus than residents, who are acclimatized to the high altitude environment of the county. The order also goes on to explain that non-residents, whether they own a residence in Gunnison County or not, are imposing unnecessary burdens on health care, public services, first responders, food supplies and other essential services, writes 9news.

Visitors can only stay if granted an exemption or waiver by the Public Health Director. Any person without an exemption, found to be ignoring this order, could face a fine of up to $5,000 and up to 18 months in jail.

Gunnison is one of 20 Colorado counties that has a hospital but no ICU beds and has had 95 confirmed cases and one death.

Map showing Gunnison County, CO and Crested Butte.

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One thought on “Gunnison County, CO (Crested Butte) Orders ALL Non-Residents to Leave or Face $5,000 Fine and Jail

  1. I wonder if they will decrease property taxes for second homeowners. It only makes sense since they can tell them that they are not welcome.

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