Dream Come True?! While Cleaning Flood Damage Guys Find Fridge Full of Ice-Cold Beer

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Dream come true! Credit: Tanner Podraza Facebook

Kyle Simpson and Gayland Stouffer were cleaning up after the devastating floods in Nebraska when they spotted a small black box in the distance, reports KDVR. Curious, they walked over to the box, realized it was a fridge, and when they opened it, found a stack of Busch Light beer, Simpson said.

Not just beers, but ice-cold ones. The kind they’d wished for after a day spent slogging through mud, washouts and waist-deep murky water in an area hit by floodwaters near the Platte River.

“It was one of those days and a bright spot in a crappy day,” Simpson said.

They opened the fridge and treated themselves to a couple of beers. Simpson said they found the fridge Sunday after spending St. Patrick’s Day cleaning up flooding debris created by last week’s bomb cyclone. The flooding destroyed homes, killed crops and livestock, and cost the state hundreds of millions of dollars in damage.

Hours after the Facebook post, Brian Healy, the fridge’s owner, contacted them and Simpson said he promised him he’d return the fridge when the washed-out roads were accessible, minus a few beers of course! The fridge had floated about 3.5 miles from its home and had previously survived a 2007 fire, according to Simpson.

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