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Hakuba Mountain Life Magazine
Hakuba Mountain Life Magazine online here:  Hakuba Mag

Hakuba.  Ah, Hakuba.  We talk about it a lot here because we love Hakuba, but also because we genuinely want you to go there.  There used to be over 1,200 ski resorts in Japan, now there are less than 600.  Every year, more ski resort go bankrupt in Japan and disappear.  The ongoing Fukishima nuclear disaster didn’t help.  Japan needs you to go there and keep their very cool ski culture alive.

Japan gets more snow on average than anywhere else on Earth and the culture is absolutely fascinating.  It’s the place to go this winter or any winter.

Hakuba Magazine contents
Hakuba Magazine contents

Hakuba is Japan’s big mountain skiing capital.  Hakuba Magazine is bringing you gorgeous images, how-to information, and human stories from the big mountains of Hakuba.

Hakuba’s mountains, people, culture, avalanches, and deep snow are all for real.  You need to find out for yourself.

Hakuba, Japan.  photo:  Zach Paley.  skier:  Lee Lyon
Hakuba, Japan. photo: Zach Paley. skier: Lee Lyon


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