Halldor Helgason Is The Man! | He Grew Up On A Potato Farm In Iceland

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Halldor Helgason
Halldor Helgason. Image: Onboard Mag

Halldor Helgason is arguably the most entertaining snowboarder to watch out there today. Sure, Marcus Kleveland and Scott Stevens give him a run for his money…but Halldor takes the top spot.

If you’re not convinced of this claim, look no further then this full part from last season. 

The Method grab at 1:15 is super dope, he sends it to the moon and the delayed grab is just pretty to watch. Amazing job on the part as a whole! 

Halldor comes from humble beginnings on a potato farm in Iceland. Not exactly where you’d expect one of the best riders in the world to hail from. Him and his friends made the best of the seemingly barren landscape.

Transworld did a mini-doc on Helgason’s history with some great old footage of him from Iceland. 

Part two of the series is available for further viewing if you wish!

Halldor and his brother Eiki started Lobster Snowboards in the ’10-’11 season and they’ve been making quality and well-respected products ever since. 

Here’s one more full part because well, it’s Friday and we know you ain’t doin shit at work anyway!

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