The Top 5 Best Ski & Snow Inspired Halloween Costumes

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Halloween is this weekend! If you are scrambling for a costume, like I usually do, be inspired by these wintery, snowsports costume ideas.

Ski and Snowsports related costumes can be really fun. You may have some of these items in your closet or go have a really creative time at your local mountain town thrift store. You can go the scary Halloween version (like dead or ghostly) on most of these too if that is your jam.

#5 The Olympian

Dress like a real winner!

halloween, costumes
Team Canada, Image: Canadian Press

Pick your sport:

Mogul skier, Freestyle, or Racer (see number 1)

Style pointers; Medals, tracksuit, red, white and blue (Ralph Lauren sweater, ) or your origin country of choice colors, a box of Wheaties.


  • Podium winner; Gold, silver (easiest to make with tin foil!) or bronze medal.
  • Opening ceremony style;  Sweater and a pompom hat.
  • Fan or warm-up: Tracksuit, sweats, polo shirt

Easy additions: Face paint your country’s colors or a little flag on your cheek, trace a circle object with markers for Olympic rings on clothing.

Extra points: Official Olympic memorabilia like a hat or scarf. Get creative (make your own Olympics bib out of a white kitchen trash bag, you can type up your favorite year and some Olympic rings and tape them on. Like “Sochi 2014”).

Other fun winter sports: Hockey player, figure skater, speed skater

Mike Eruzione (c.) and his 1980 Team USA teammates help light the Olympic flame to open the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City. (SUE OGROCKI/REUTERS)

#4 The Mountaineer

Climbers on Nisqually Glacier, Mount Rainier National Park, 1930s. CREDIT: National Park Service Historic Photograph Collection

Pick your decade and country:

You can go a couple of ways here: European (twist up those mustaches boys), Colorado gear head (everything should look brand new, price tags still on), old-school early Yosemite…

Style pointers; Glacier glasses and zinc on lips and nose with sunburn everywhere else, gaiters, approach shoes or boots, big wool socks with pants tucked into socks, harness with quickdraws and cordelette. Wool pants and a flannel.

Going too far?: Expedition weight snowsuit, ice ax, crampons, oxygen tank.

#3 The Vintage Skier

Pick your decade:

The 40’s and 50’s: When skiing was young and the skiers must have been freezing their buns off.

Style pointers; High waisted, wide-leg pants with thin belts, pant legs tucked into socks or short leather boots, really sharp sweaters with a collared shirt underneath or a billowing scarf.

The 60’s: Life in Color

Think heavy knitted sweaters, slacks or stirrup leggings, scarves.

The 70’s: Nylon Rules

Puffy Vests, Sweaters with elbow pads and earflap hats are all the rage.

The 80s: Parties and Neon

Bust out your one pieces and head bands!

halloween, costumes
Image:, Retro Rentals

The 90’s: Still neon just more tacky

Think Aspen extreme or Dumb and Dumber! More faux fur, more faux leather patches.

Variations: (see number 5, speed racer from any decade).

***For comfort; wear an after ski boot instead of a ski boot, or just a dark unassuming regular shoe.

#2 Saucer Boy

Need I Say More?

Saucer boy in his native environment, Alaska

This one takes some real commitment. You can’t just walk around with a saucer or half ass this one…

Required: Neon jacket, pom pom hat, really sick 80’s sunglasses, latex coated gardening/ construction gloves, knee pads, climbing harness, climbing rope, snowlerblades, saucer & Jack Daniels. If you have long hair you’re in luck, you don’t have to wear a wig.

Going too far? There is no going too far, this is saucer boy!

#1 Speed Racer

 Speed suits are fun and sexy,  they show ALL your curves for better or worse.

Podium Ladies; Cornelia Huetter, Lindsay Vonn and Ramona Siebenhofer, 2015, Image: Sergei Belski, USA TODAY Sports

Style pointers; Try not to wear too much underneath to prevent uncomfortable bunching, but a tight fitting tank top might be useful if the party is raging and you tend to over heat.

Easiest route:  the “Podium Look”, obnoxious sponsor hat, goggles over a hat.

Extra points;  Back protector, racer gloves, jersey/ race bib, trophy or medal.

Too far: Full face helmet…

Variations: Olympian (see number 5), not just a participant but a true winner!

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