Heading to Aspen, CO? Mask Up!

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Aspen Mountain
Downtown Aspen, CO. Photo Credit: Vital Films

Heading to Aspen, CO after today? Don’t forget your face mask, or it’s going to cost you…

Effective today, July 31, 2020, the City Council has enacted an emergency face mask ordinance. Per the ordinance, everyone must wear a mask in Aspen’s newly created “mask zone” to assist in slowing the spread of coronavirus in and around the town.

The mask zone encompasses the most central, busiest area of downtown Aspen. The borders of the zone include Aspen Street to the west, the Roaring Fork River to the north, Original Street to the East, and Aspen Mountain to the south.

Zone 2
Face masks are required at all times within “Zone 2.” Photo Credit: Aspen Daily

The ordinance designates that everyone must wear a mask at all times in all indoor and outdoor public spaces within the zone. Masks may be removed while seated for dining or while in a motor vehicle. While not specifically laid out yet, the ordinance applies to the base area of neighboring Aspen Highlands and the transit center as well.

“I keep waiting for some of these items to get easier and they just don’t. This is a middle ground that is actually going to be the most effective.”

– Aspen Mayor Torre

Education about the ordinance will be key, and the town of Aspen plans on getting the word out in a variety of ways. Fliers, banners, electronic signaling, social media, and more will be instrumental in getting information about the ordinance out to locals and tourists alike.

Those caught in the zone disregarding the ordinance will be fined. Fines will start out at $50 for a first-time offense, while a second offense will cost you $250. If you happen to get a third offense, well, let’s just say it’ll cost you a few months’ rent. That’s right, up to $3,000 for a third-time offender, along with possible jail time. The new ordinance will be in effect through November 4, 2020, and can be amended or extended as seen fit.

emergency ordinance
Aspen’s emergency face mask ordinance. Photo Credit: CBS Denver

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