Heartbroken Dog Stays By Owner’s Side After Fatal Fall From Cliff in Kentucky, Leads Rescue Teams to His Location

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A man’s dog, named ‘Stubby,’ led rescue teams to his deceased owner’s location in a Kentucky state park. Photo by Powell County SAR.

A search for a missing Powell County, Kentucky man ended in despair Monday night.

Powell County Search and Rescue says a man left his home on his 4-wheeler around 11 a.m. Monday and never returned. Family members tried calling him then went out on ATV’s to search for him, according to ABC 36 News.

Crews from Powell County and Estill County Search and Rescue were able to ping the location of the man’s phone, giving them his general location. When teams arrived in the area, they found his phone and his 4-wheeler, but no sign of him. Crews say the area where his 4-wheeler was found has rough, unforgiving terrain and tall cliffs.

Powell County in Kentucky is a gorgeous place and is popular with outdoor enthusiasts. 

As they were calling out for him, crews say they heard a dog barking and followed the sound. According to ABC 36 News, rescue crews found the barking dog next to the man at the bottom of a very steep, rocky cliff.

When they reached the man, they discovered that he didn’t survive the fall.

Powell County Search and Rescue says the man’s dog, Stubby, stayed by his side the entire time. According to the man’s family, he took Stubby everywhere with him.

Being the good dog that he is, Stubby did the one last thing he could for his owner by leading SAR teams to his location. 

The location of Powell County in Kentucky.

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