Know Before You Go: Heat-Related Illness and How to Prevent It

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Heat-related illness prevention
Stay cool this summer to prevent heat-related illnesses. Image: Pinterest

Summer means long days and fun in the sun.  After winter melts away it’s time for hiking, biking, and playing in the water.  With summer in full swing, it’s time to brush up on heat-related illnesses and how to prevent them.

Heat-related illness is often avoidable, yet it kills around 600 people per year.   Check out what experts have to say about heat exhaustion, heatstroke, and knowing the signs of each.

CDC’s Tips and Tricks to Preventing Heat-Related Illness

  • Wear Appropriate Clothing
  • Stay Cool Indoors
  • Schedule Outdoor Activities Carefully
  • Pace Yourself
  • Wear Sunscreen
  • Do Not Leave Children in Cars
  • Avoid Hot and Heavy Meals
  • Drink Plenty of Fluids
  • Replace Salt and Minerals
  • Keep Your Pets Hydrated
  • Check for Weather Updates
  • Know the Signs
  • Monitor Those at High Risk

So what’s the difference between heat exhaustion and heatstroke?  Most importantly, heat exhaustion is treatable without medical attention if treated promptly, but heatstroke is deadly and requires immediate medical attention.

The U.S. National Weather Service Sacramento, CA is educating their communities about the differences between heat exhaustion and heat stroke and how to treat it.

Knowing the signs of heatstroke could save you or someone you know during the hot summer months.  Whether you are recreating or working outdoors, remember to stay cool and hydrated this summer.

Heat exhaustion or heatstroke? Credit: Sacramento County Office of Emergency Services

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