VIDEO: Watch the Surging Floods that Caused Yosemite National Park to Close Last Weekend

Steven Agar |

Yosemite National Park was closed last weekend due to expected heavy rains and flooding and with the storm (and melting snow) caused some serious flooding and raging waterfalls.

Officials from Yosemite National Park were sure to capture some of the surging floods on video, stating that some roads saw up to four feet of water. The six-minute video certainly is a sight to see and hear, courtesy of Adventure Sports Network.

Yosemite, flooding
Flooding caused by heavy rain and snowmelt. Credit: Yosemite National Park

Thankfully, visitors were evacuated well in advance of the storms when the park closed last Friday at 5:00 pm. It eventually reopened on Sunday, April 8 at noon but not without significant impact from the flooding.

“Impacts included 2 to 4 feet of water on roads within Yosemite Valley, impacts to the electrical system, and impacts to water systems,” a release by the National Park stated.

They also said that water levels in the Merced River crested at 13.73 feet at Pohono Bridge, which is some four feet over the flood stage. Considering how significant that is, it’s good that no injuries have been reported within the park due to any of the flooding.

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