Heli-Paddling, The World’s Newest Extreme Sport

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heli-paddling adventures
An amazing experience heli-paddling in an alpine lake. Photo: Blackcomb Helicopters


We’ve all dreamed of going Heli-Skiing before. Untouched faces, remote cliffs, and fresh snow all day is a fantasy of many. Besides the huge financial restriction (a 3 run package through Whisler Blackcomb runs well over $1,000 per person), heli-skiing requires years of experience to handle the backcountry. Deep powder, avalanche danger, and steep terrain make it an expert-only activity.

heli-paddling company provides heli skiing too
Incredible heli-skiing, provided by the same company that introduced heli-paddling (Whistler Blackcomb Helicopters in Canada). Photo: Blackcomb Helicopters

Introducing Heli-Paddling: the perfect heli-related activity with no experience required. We’ve written about heli-skiing before, one of the most common, and more recently heli-biking and even heli-hiking. But heli-paddling is a whole experience of its own.

heli-paddling company also does heli-biking
Would you go heli-biking in Utah with Whisper Ridge?  Photo: Whisper Ridge Utah

Hitching a ride on a helicopter to reach the isolated wild is sometimes what it takes. With the recent increase in visits to national parks, going to these sacred spaces often feels more crowded than desired. Many companies around the country, and around the world, use helicopters to take a handful of people to true seclusion.

The luxurious experience costs about $1,300 for 2 people. It includes a trip to a remote alpine lake, guided tours of the area, a gourmet lunch, and paddling of course. Thanks to BlackomHelicopters for setting up this experience. And best of all, 100% of Blackcomb Helicopters trips are carbon neutral!

heli-paddling lunch
An incredible lunch included in the heli-paddling experience. Photo: Blackcomb Helicopters 

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  1. ARTICLE SHAMING!! One article about the hottest summer on record, then another about using a helicopter to access remote areas, or an article about skiing in the antarctic…Hmmm…wonder if there is any connection? I like your site, but at some point we all have to call a spade a spade. Maybe like the “calories” label on food we need to have a carbon footprint label for all activities we choose to do. At some point we all have to take responsibility for what we contribute to the mess.

    1. Thanks much for the comment. We hear you, AJF. Our job here at SnowBrains is to report on what’s happening out there and keep you informed.

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