Heli-Skiing on Baffin Island in the Canadian Arctic

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Skiing incredible lines Photo Credit: Weber Arctic

Heli-Skiing is taking off in the Canadian Arctic this spring thanks to Weber Arctic Expeditions. Weber Arctic is a polar expeditions company that has organised guided tours and led expeditions to both the Arctic and Antarctic regions since 1985. They hold more polar firsts than any other company. Some of their achievements include leading the first unsupported journey to successfully reach the North Pole, speed records to both poles, largest expeditions to both regions and more.

Weber Arctic is a small but talented and dedicated team of polar travel experts with some team members spending more than 650 days sleeping on the Arctic sea ice. Their latest addition takes powder hounds on unprecedented, week-long expeditions to the world’s northernmost peaks on Baffin Island. Most of the island lies north of the arctic circle and is home to one of the world’s largest fjords.  It has an average annual temperature of 17 degrees F and the island experiences polar night in the winter and midnight sun in the Summer.

Not only do powder hounds get to experience incredible terrain, they also get to witness beautiful scenery, awesome wildlife, the aurora borealis and they get to experience the predominantly Inuit population. The expedition lasts for 7 days total with four full days of heli-skiing. The full itinerary includes dog sledding, Inuit culture, arctic wildlife and much more. It begins in Clyde River, Nunavut where guests depart from daily for heli-skiing, upon return, guests are met with private chef and sommelier every evening.

“The Arctic is one of the last places in the world that’s truly unspoiled. You’ll run into a polar bear before you run into a person,” – Tessum.

Exploring the Canadian Arctic Photo Credit: Weber Arctic

The expedition prides itself on taking guests to unexplored mountains in the Arctic Cordillera Range on Baffin Island. Here skiers get free reign over the endless terrain of icefields, glaciers, fjords and they can even get the opportunity to ski to the Arctic ocean. Skiers get the chance for possible first descents and to experience never before summited peaks; as there are many lines yet to be discovered. The tour is led by two Baffin Island natives Nansen and Tessum Weber.

“We’ve been doing first ascents and descents in the area for the last two years, and we’re still discovering more.”  – Tessum.

The Canadian Arctic ski season is limited, so to experience this incredible experience it is essential to plan in advance to secure a coveted spot.

Dog sledding on Baffin Island Photo Credit: Michel Thibert, Nunavut Tourism

Heli-skiing is on most skiers and boarders bucket lists and Baffin Island is definitely one of the best places in the world to do this while experiencing the Inuit culture, witnessing amazing wildlife and exploring the incredible terrain. 

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