Heli VIDEO: 9,943′ Tioga Pass, CA is BURIED in Snow & Will NOT Open Soon…

Miles Clark | | Industry NewsIndustry News

We always complain about how 9,943′ Tioga Pass, CA isn’t open as early as we’d like.  

This video shows us exactly why Tioga Pass isn’t open yet:  because it’s BURIED in freakin’ snow!

This video is shot from a helicopter as it winds up Tioga Pass road in late April 2017.

Tioga Pass holds some of the best easy access backcountry skiing in the USA.

The Eastern Sierras are holding record amounts of snow right now and the skiing and riding is off the charts.

“Are you curious about when SR 120 Tioga Pass will open? Take a look at this video to see for yourself how much snow is on the pass and the avalanche dangers that exist. Caltrans District 9 is working overtime trying to clear the snow, but it is going to be awhile!” – Caltrans District 9, yesterday

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