Hidden Valley Ski Resort, Canada, Unable to Open This Season Due to Vacant Operator Position

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hidden valley ski resort
Hidden Valley Ski Resort PC: Hidden Valley Ski

Hidden Valley Ski Resort, located in Elkwater Canada, is in need of a private contractor to oversee operational activities. The fate of the season for this resort is resting on whether the resort can fill the vacant position.

Hidden Valleys’ inability to open would be devastating to local groups that have been participating in recreational activities on the hill since the 1960s, according to Medicine Hat News. Unfortunately, The booming resort will be forced to stay closed this season without anyone assuming operation.

Requests for the position closed earlier this week. The partnership would help with conservation, recreation, and education on the hill. Several members of the Elkwater Ski Club are “stressing the importance of accessibility to regional ski slopes.”

With only weeks between now and the start of the season, Alberta Parks are currently reviewing their options for the 2021-2022 ski season.

hidden valley
Hidden Valley Ski Resort PC: Hidden Valley Ski

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