High Pressure Low Tide at Grand Targhee Resort, WY

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The faucet turned off after Christmas in Idaho, as the La Niña well dried up for everything south of Montana for the last few weeks. Low Tide. Each day arising after a forecast of fresh snow was met with a hanging fog then remedied by clear blue skies where the mountains shone with all glory!

A good time to head to the shop, shaping new boards for whatever will come this way next. After an invigorating R&D process roaming the mountain, consulting with experts (Targheezers) and drawing inspiration from waves that match these Teton mountains, Elevated SurfCraft headeded to Sego Ski Co in Victor Idaho to carve out a new prototype suitable to the local terrain. Criteria- handle the steep pitch, carve within the groomers, float the pow and handle the inbetween with grace and fluidity.

Building a snowboard is  very much like making a sandwich. The bread is sheets of plastic, the resin is the mayo and mustard, veggies the sheets of fiberglass, and the wood core the meat. It all goes in a very large panni press then Vola! cut off the crust and serve it on a white platter.

There is something special about riding on something you have made. Even better when it works as intended, which depending on how complicated the experiment the more variables which may go wrong. Many designs just remain good ideas and noble attempts, or may be perfect for a particular use or rider. The only way to find out is to strap it on and see where it goes.

Sunshine and groomers at Grand Targhee Resort in the afternoon sun is an astounding testing ground with views around every turn. And with every turn a fine tuned analysis of if the experiment works. The best is when it just does without any need to think about the board, just letting it find a flow down the mountain.


Snow Report and Forecast

The Faucet is back on this week.



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