High Pressure, Stable Snow, & Sweet Terrain | Lyngen, Norway Trip Report

Zach Paley | BackcountryBackcountry
Good turns for Katja Laukkanen. Good view for all.

(editors note: Our buddy Zach Paley is working on a boat in Norway.  He heads to shore, climbs, & skis when he can.  He’s been writing about his experience skiing north of the Arctic Circle) 

It seemed stability was coming back to the Lyngen area. High pressure that helped stability also brought spring. Northerly aspects for powder, or southerly aspects for corn, it didn’t suck. Fantastic views of the fjords kept motivation up while on long hikes. As daylight got longer, so did my ski days.

The theme of meeting up and skiing with good friends continued. Some Finns from Hakuba were in nearby Tamokdalen, and wanted to rendezvous. I met Katja Laukkanen and Ville Turunen at a mutual location, and we enjoyed some soft snow to the north.

9PM, Lyngen sunset

Unfortunately a trip on a boat was approaching fast for me, and I wasn’t able to ski with the Finns again. Good powder, a pleasant day, and skiing with friends I normally don’t see outside of Japan was still fantastic.

Katja tackles the “crux”
Lots of good turns for Ville Turunan

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  1. whoa, Norway looks like the place to be right now. Looks like winter. how cold is it up there?

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