High Schooler’s : A New Era of Cyclists

Ceasar Medina | CycleCycle
NorCal high school racer having a grand time. PC: Jeff Vader

There is no doubt that the cycling industry and community is growing exponentially these days. A large portion of the boom in the sport can be attributed to a new era of riders, high schooler’s. For example, since the National Interscholastic Cycling Association was founded in 2009 19 states have joined the association and is expected to continue growing.

The focus amongst young adults is stellar. PC: NICA

When kids join a NICA league they are offered much more than just a fun time. They are offered a new means of socialization, exercise, mental stimulation and a myriad of other life skills. For some kids it’s their first time riding a bike let alone racing one. For others it’s the opportunity to test their skills amongst peers and a chance to represent their school or community. These high school cycling leagues also offer an outlet to the traditional high school sports (football, baseball, etc). It can draw in those who may not have found their niche in the traditional sports. The benefits of the leagues extends further than just for the kids. For example, parent involvement as a coach or race volunteer gets them out to participate in apart of the kid’s life and a chance to meet other members of the community.

Parent/volunteer at a local Colorado race.
PC: Colorado NICA

As new high school leagues throughout the nation keep popping up it’s safe to say that we can continue to expect the number of young cycling enthusiasts to increase. Maybe the cycling heyday of the 90’s will be overshadowed by the growing youths psych on the sport. Ride on!

Watch out for all these young trail slayers! PC: Steve C. Wilson

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