Highway 50 To Be Closed Indefinitely From Placerville To South Lake Tahoe

Chris Wallner | | WeatherWeather
Mudslides continue to make Highway 50 inaccessible through the American River Canyon. Image: Caltrans

According to Lake Tahoe News, Highway 50 linking Tahoe and Placerville will be closed indefinitely, along with Highway 50 in Nevada to get from the South Shore to Carson City.  These closures are due to recent mudslides that have been pounding the area. It is currently too dangerous to have people driving through the area and it is nearly impossible to do so with all of the debris covering the roads.

Highway 50 closure between Placerville and South lake Tahoe.

The main route between Placerville and South Lake Tahoe is currently off limits, but it is accessible at some points. Crews are working on three significant slides in a 12-mile area along the American River Canyon, along with other minor slides. The first major slide occurred on February 10th, the second occurred on Saturday Afternoon, and the third occurred early this week. It is not known when the roadway will open back up, but we are hopeful that crews will be able to clear it.

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  1. Oops that’s the section from SLT to Placerville that reopened.

    Don’t have information on Cave Rock closure- SLT to Carson City.

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