Hike, Ski, Kayak, and More in the Name of Science

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Photo Credit: Adventure Scientists

Scientists and dirtbags unite! While this may seem to be an unlikely duo, Adventure Scientists founder, Gregg Treinish believes otherwise.  For the past nine years, Treinish has been enlisting the help of ski bums, river rats, and dirtbags of all creeds to go adventure in the name of science.

Who knew science could be this fun! Photo Credit: Adventure Scientists

In 2011, Treinish started Adventure Scientists, a non-profit organization based out of Bozeman, MT. The primary goal of the organization is to collect field samples for scientists working on a number of different conservation-related research projects. However, instead of sending researchers into the field, Treinish and his team train the likes of skiers, hikers, and climbers to go out and collect the data themselves. All data collection through Adventure Scientists is volunteer-based. The beauty of this volunteer-oriented approach to data collection is that researchers save time and money on projects, while outdoor recreationists are empowered to make a positive impact, pursuing the sports they love.

An adventure scientist in the field collecting core samples. Photo Credit: Adventure Scientists

Currently, Adventure Scientists is searching for volunteers to collect data for a handful of projects. These projects range from studying wild & scenic rivers to analyzing timber tracking methods. If you are interested in becoming an adventure scientist, check out the Adventure Scientists website to learn more about getting involved.

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