Hitting the Colorado Jackpot | Early March Pow Skiing in the Front Range VIDEO

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How do you hit the Colorado Jackpot? It’s pretty easy, just line up a week of bluebird pow skiing!

Colorado Spring Break 2014 from Josh Goldsmith on Vimeo.


Last week in Colorado was fantastic. 8″ at A Bay Saturday-Sunday, the skiing there Sunday was fantastic. We then hit up Vail mid week, after a beautiful bluebird day, we were treated to another 6″ over night with more blue skies to follow the next day, making for a truly epic pow day given the snow we had received earlier in the week. We skied Breckenridge later in the week, Friday-Saturday.  Friday it dumped, hard, and didn’t let up all day. Saturday was another epic, bluebird powder day with over a foot of fresh. Most of the clips used in this edit were filmed at Vail, overall a great trip. Colorado always, always, always delivers the goods!

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4 thoughts on “Hitting the Colorado Jackpot | Early March Pow Skiing in the Front Range VIDEO

  1. editing – It’s where you take 4 hours of okay footage and trim it down to something watchable. Not where you take 10 hours of poor gopro footage and take 5 random minutes and put music to it. Also a week of bluebird, that is a fairly misleading title. And lastly CO does not always, much less, “always, always, always” deliver the goods. they sometimes do, and infrequently do in the front range.

    All that being said. this year CO has been pretty off the hook. and I’m sure you had fun. but think about what people want to watch in a video. Tell a story, and edit.

  2. ^ dude, when you waste 4 minutes with boring chestcam footage, you don’t have time for an extra syllable!!
    Some big hucks in there tho, two thumbs up if it were half as long

  3. When did the Basin become “A Bay”? Never heard it called that in several years of living there.

  4. wow. there was some seriously boring and nausea inducing footage in there. yet still some good skiing here and there non the less. maybe cut out all the groomer chest mount footage and slow mo next time. what a great year in CO though!

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