Holographic Goggles Kickstarter Surpasses $12,000 Out of $15,000 Goal

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ALL SZN holographic ski goggles
Limited edition, topographic map, and American flag holographic lenses. | Image: ALL SZN Kickstarter

A new Kickstarter project is looking for public backing to help launch their non-interactive, aesthetically pleasing holographic image-enhanced ski and snowboard goggles to the market. Conor Ryan, the creator of this Kickstarter for ALL SZN goggles, has already reached $12,306 to date out of the $15,000 all-or-nothing style campaign goal, thanks to 59 backers.

First imagined in March 2022 in Breckenridge, CO, after the question originally arose of “Why do everyone’s goggles look the same?” which then lead to “What if the goggles had graphics on the lenses?” The obvious speed bump which ALL SZN addresses with fan testimonials in its Kickstarter video is the obstruction and impairment of vision by having an image on the lenses. After a year of trial and error, and changing the manufacturing process multiple times, a proper-functioning product was developed.

A look through ALL SZN holographic goggles
A look through ALL SZN’s holographic goggles. | Image: ALL SZN Kickstarter

After a few prototypes and nearly running out of money during the third attempt, some minor adjustments were made to the fourth and final product design in April 2023. ALL SZN goggles are currently designed with a modern look and feel, coming in three different holographic and interchangeable magnetic lenses, and comfortable, top-of-the-line materials built to last for all ages and abilities.

With the Kickstarter goal ending on July 20, there is just about a week left if interested in backing this project. There are five different tiers for pledges:

  • $1 pledge- “Bunny Hill Hound”-10% discount code for online website
  • $50 pledge- “Groomer Goblin”-ALL SZN beanie
  • $125 pledge- “Powder Prowler”-exclusive ALL SZN goggles with limited edition band
  • $225 pledge- “Mogul Monger”-limited edition ALL SZN goggles and two interchangeable lenses
  • $10,000 pledge- “Backcountry Basher”- work with ALL SZN to design your own goggles. 100 exclusive pairs of your holographic goggles will be available for sale to the public

Following what is shaping up to be a successful Kickstarter campaign, ALL SZN is hoping to launch an e-commerce website later this fall, making its products officially available to the public.

ALL SZN holographic goggles
ALL SZN holographic goggles. | Image: ALL SZN Kickstarter

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