How Fast is Your Lift? Doppelmayr’s New System Moves Upwards of 8,000 Guests Every Hour

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Doppelmayr TRI-Line Three Cable System,
Doppelmayr TRI-Line Three Cable System, pc lift blog

Old School Skiing, Modern Day Lifts

Switzerland, the home of St. Moritz and possibility some of the best skiing in the world is once again pushing the limits of the sport. This time it’s Doppelmayr introducing its new lift design, TRI-Line (pronounced “treeline”). According to a Doppelmayr company spokesman speaking in another interview the new TRI-Line concept, “pushes all the limits of modern ropeway technology (and) heralds the next ropeway age.”

That’s surely what CEO Urs Keller of Hoch-Yrig Ski Resort, Switzerland, was betting on when he decided to replace his 55-year-old tramway with a new TRI-Line system. Speaking in another interview, Keller explained his decision:

While a monocable gondola would have been an option from a technical point of view, it would have entailed various challenges with our particular terrain and therefore been difficult to build. The TRI-Line is compact and can cope with our wind conditions thanks to the 3S benefits, which is a decisive criterion for our important feeder lift. Thanks to the new cabins with their comfortable seats and their generously proportioned glazing, we can now offer our guests a far higher level of comfort.”

New Cabin Design of TRI-Line system.
New Cabin Design of TRI-Line system. pc lift blog

Innovative New Combination

What’s so special about this innovative new design? Basically, it’s a revolutionary new combination of some of the best existing technologies available today. TRI-Line combines the benefits of the 3S tri-cable ropeway, known for its increased stability and higher capacities, with Doppelmayr’s D-Line system that consistently offers a smoother ride and reliable operation. TRI-Line’s three-rope platform provides the most stable running surface against high winds. It also allows for very long spans between towers, a huge benefit when working in rugged terrain. Additional benefits come from the streamlined construction phase, lower maintenance, and smaller tower footprint.

Doppelmayr TRI-Line Cabin. pc in the snow

High-Capacity Cabin

TRI-Line’s new cabin upgrades its capacity and convenience as it transports upwards of 8,000 guests per hour and according to Doppelmayr, is “a new benchmark in the ski lift industry.” With a 20-person capacity carriage (12 seated, 8 standing) and the possibility of either a one or two-door electronic slide entry, Doppelmayr anticipates using it in a high capacity or urban design. The new TRI-Line system is also compatible with existing Direct Driver gearless technology, Doppelmayr Correct controls, and AURO autonomous operations.

Doppelmayr TRI-Line detachable grips with eight running wheels.
Doppelmayr TRI-Line detachable grips with eight running wheels. pc lift blog

The Lift Duopoly Continues

With Doppelmayr’s rival in the world’s lift maker duopoly Leitner-Poma reportedly replacing a record number of lifts this year and booked through 2023, it looks like Doppelmayr is making its own move. This new TRI-Line concept will undoubtedly improve the uphill capacity. It’s only a matter of time before we start to see them used in the U.S. as more and more resorts look to improve the guest experience.

What do you think about upgrading lifts at your home mountain? Would this TRI-Line design be a benefit? We’d like to know.

New Doppelmayr TRI-Line lift system.
New Doppelmayr TRI-Line lift system. pc lift blog

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  1. Faster and more people should not be the goal. I can see many lawsuits coming. Judge, there were too many people on the slope. The resorts are packing in bodies like a Lady GaGa concert.
    We need a field of Dreams or More like A Mountain of Dreams. GTFO!

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