How To: Get from EZE to Buenos Aires to Las Leñas or Bariloche

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The obelisk in the center of Buenos Aires is close to the hostels we recommend

Flying into Buenos Aires’ International airport, EZE,  for a ski or snowboard trip to Argentina can be very intimidating.  Buenos Aires is home to 13 million people, it’s sprawling, it’s not simple to navigate, but if you know a few tips, it becomes doable.

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The largest avenue in the world = 9 de Julio. You'lstaybe l
The largest avenue in the world = 9 de Julio. The hostels we recommend are stones throw away from here.

First, lets state the obvious:

1.  Knowing a few words of Spanish is a huge help – not many people speak English in Buenos Aires.  If nothing else, make sure you have ‘please, thank you, and excuse me’ dialed.

2.  Never leave your gear anywhere, always have it with you.  Use lockers in hotels and hostels and be super careful with your passport, atms cards, and wallet.  Do Not leave any gear in a taxi while you go to an ATM.

3.  The Argentine people are great and much warmer than we are.  Give ‘em a smile and they’ll treat you great.

You’ll want a plan for navigating this...
You’ll want a plan for navigating this…


1.  Arrive at EZE (you’ll generally arrive in the morning from the USA)

2.  Take the #8 bus (5 pesos last time we used it which  =  $0.5 usd) from airport for 90+ minutes into the city center/your hostel

3.  Hop off bus right in front of either Milhouse Avenue hostel or Milhouse Hipo hostel – both hostels are right on the #8 bus route making life very easy with ski/board bags.  Make sure to get reservations at the hostel before your flight.  Book your bus ticket to Las Leñas or Bariloche at the hostel.

4.  From either Milhouse hostel it’s only a few blocks of walking to get to Bernardo Iriyogen avenue & Avenida de Mayo (see map below) where you can catch the 100 bus headed north directly to the bus station, Retiro, where you’ll take a bus to Las Leñas or Bariloche.

5.  The bus ticket you purchased at the hostel will allow you to get directly onto the bus.  Just ask an information person or your bus company’s counter which “gate” your bus will be at.  It’s good to get to the bus station a bit early to allow for any mishaps that may occur.

6.  Ride the bus for many many hours until your destination.  For Bariloche it’s a direct shot.  For Las Leñas, you’ll go to San Rafael then transfer onto a Las Leñas bus.  The transfer is straightforward, easy, and that bus station is tiny.

in bounds at Las Lenas
Eduardos is in bounds at Las Lenas ski resort, Argentina



The EZE airport is where you’ll land when you arrive in Buneos Aires.  EZE is about 90 minutes from the center of Buenos Aires (see map below).  When you walk out of the international terminal, you’ll take a left and walk along the edge of the buildings until you pass Argentina National Bank where you’ll continue a bit further to an obvious bus stop shelter.  Hop on one of the #8 buses.  Put your board/ski bag upright in the wheelchair zone and stand with it and your other bags.  The bus will be empty to start with, but will inevitably get packed as you go thru one of the largest cities on Earth.  It’s best to stand by your gear.

**Special Note:  You must have coins to get on the bus.  They will not accept paper money.  Also, sometimes they’ll charge you a few pesos more because your your bags.  Make sure to have 20 pesos in coins before getting on the bus.  You can get change from a store in the airport or in the Argentina National Bank right next to the bus stop.

Keep an eye on the street signs once you finally get into the center (after 1-2 hours).  Milhouse Avenue is at 1245 Avenida de Mayo, so you’ll want to get off on the 1200-1300 block which you’ll see on the street signs.  The cross street is Libertad and you can ask your bus driver to let you know when you get to Libertad and hop off then.  You’ll just have to walk one block north to get to Avenida de Mayo and you’ll be able to see Milhouse Avenida.  Milhouse Hipo is at 929 Hipólito Yrigoyen 959.  Just ask the bus driver to let you out at Bernardo Irigoyen avenue and you’re a block away.

EZE to Milhouse Hostels 


You can also just take a taxi from EZE to your hostel or hotel.  Taxis will cost you around $50-70usd versus $1usd on the bus.  Taxis will take about 40-60 minutes to get to the city center.  These taxis will usually charge you extra for your ski/board bags.

**Special Note:  Once in Buenos Aires, almost no taxi will take pick you up if you have skis or snowboards.  Not even when you call the company and ask for a larger taxi to fit your gear.  This is why knowledge of buses is key in Buenos Aires.

Milhouse Avenue hangout/restaurant that turns into a club every other night at 10:30pm
Milhouse Avenue hangout/restaurant that turns into a club every other night at 10:30pm


We recommend Milhouse Avenue & Milhouse Hipo (see map below) because they are right on the #8 bus route.  These two hostels are designed for one thing:  partying.  They have a party in one of the hostels every night from 10:30pm – 2am.  Once the party ends at 2am, they kick you out and make you all go to a bumping club.   They’ll sell you tickets at 1/2 off for the club everyone is going to and you’ll have access to the VIP lounge.

We recommend at least one night in Buenos Aires.  Two is better.  You’re going to be tired after your flight but you’ll still end up partying until 6 am both nights regardless.  This is okay as you’ll have a place to chill and sleep all day and you’ll be tired for your bus ride which is a good thing.

*Special Note:  Partying in Buenos Aires makes Las Vegas look lame.  Clubs don’t open until 2am.

**Special Note:  Get reservations at Milhouse before you leave home:  Milhouse

***Special Note:  There are ATM machines in the airport that are easily located.

****Special Note:  Buy your bus ticket to Las Leñas or Bariloche in your hostel, this is by far the best/easiest way to get a bus ticket.  They take credit cards.

*****Special Note:  The black market (blue market) glory days are over.  There is no longer any 63% discount if you bring dollars.  Best thing to do is simply acquire pesos from ATM machines in Argentina.

map of the 2 Milhouse hostels in Buenos Aires


From either Milhouse hostel walk a couple blocks to Bernardo Irigoyen avenue (see map below) and grab the 100 bus going north on that street (5 pesos, have coins or they won’t let you ride).  This bus will take you right to the bus station Retiro.  Once at the bus station simply ask the information person or your bus company’s counter which ‘gate’ your bus will be leaving from.

View Larger Map.  Map of route from where the 100 bus picks you up to the Retiro bus station.


Make sure you have a good book.  Both of these rides are 24 hours or so one way.  Terrible movies will play constantly, it’ll be cold in the bus, and it’ll stop more than you like.  There really won’t be anything to see as Argentina is 90% flat grassland and most the travel is at night.  Get an isle seat.  The front seats have more leg room, but you’ll want to wear your seatbelt in these babies.

For Las Leñas, you’ll have to go to San Rafael and transfer to a bus that takes you up to Las Leñas.  This is easy and you’ll just buy your ticket to Las Leñas from San Rafael at the San Rafael bus station.  The Las Leñas bus will drop you off right at the ski resort and you can easily walk anywhere in Las Leñas from there.

For Bariloche, you’ll have a direct ride and be dropped off at the bus station in Bariloche which is a bit outside of town.  From here, it’s easiest to grab a taxi to your hotel or hostel.  A taxi all the way across town is only about 85 pesos or about $16 usd.  All taxis in Bariloche will take you ski or board bags and strap them haphazardly to the taxi’s roof.  They have their own straps.

Bariloche Backcountry
Bariloche Backcountry


If you have any questions, throw them in the comments and we’ll get to ’em.  Or email us here:

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17 thoughts on “How To: Get from EZE to Buenos Aires to Las Leñas or Bariloche

  1. This article is wildly inaccurate. Prices have changed wildly, bus access is different, and flights are not that costly.

  2. Just back from time in Argentina, including the Antarctica ski trip with Miles. Most of the info here about BA is great, but the comment that taxis won’t take skis is bogus. I took several taxis (from EZE to the AEP Aeroparque regional airport (where you will go if you are going to fly to Bariloche, Ushuaia, or anywhere else inside Argentina), as well as from my hotel to EZE, and there was no problem with taking skis. They just jammed them in. As for ATM machines, my experience was very long lines in EZE, and some machines out of cash. I made the mistake of waiting till I got to AEP, and ended up waiting almost half an hour just to change money. If possible, bring some Pesos with you. Almost everyone will accept US$ gladly, but pesos are necessary for basic transactions. Inflation is high so $$ are seen by locals as a good hedge, and some places even quote in both pesos and dollars. In mid-November 2016, the exchange was 14.5 Pesos per US$. Today, January 5, 20167, it is 18 Pesos / $. So don’t exchange money till the last minute.

  3. Just booked a trip to Bariloche from Buenos Aires. I will arrive in EZE and overnight in Palmero in the downtown area. I’m using the domestic airport AEP to leave, but catching my return back into EZE so it matches up with all the returns to North America at night. $163 round trip for a two hour each way. Flight price was awesome and couldn’t help myself.
    Loved the downtown info in your story. Started to make me wish I’d worked in two days in BA

  4. I don’t know anything about getting to Las Lenas, but as far as Bariloche goes I booked a flight in to Puerto Montt, plan on taking a taxi to Puerto Varas no more than 30 minutes from the Puerto Montt Airport (PMC), stay the night at a hostel in Puerto Varas, and take a 6 hour bus ride to Bariloche through the lakes district first thing in the morning. Has anyone gone to Bariloche this way?

    1. Never done it that way, but could work. Flights to Puerto Montt usually are much more expensive than to Santiago, Chile.

  5. This is wrong. You don’t want to become the 13 million and one person in Buenos Aires. There is a much simpler way to get to Ls Lenas especially. It seems like this article is intended to make it seem difficult on purpose, so I guess what you don’t know cant hurt you. I guess the intention is to keep the real and EASY way to get there a secret for now.

    1. Hey Cornicito. Yes, we agree. Flying to Santiago, Chile is the easier way to get to Bariloche and Las Lenas. We’ll be writing that article this month as I’m going to be doing exactly that. I’ll nail all the details and get it up soon. thanks.

  6. Nice one. Definitely recommend the “first class” buses in ARG – they have leather recliners, champagne toasts, movies, hot meals, and as much wine as you can weasel out of your bus waiter.

  7. I really really would like to get the rights to print this first photo out. Can you send me the photographers information or any information pls. Alissa-

  8. Or you can make your life astoundingly more simple and fly into Chile. Santiago is pretty by far, less stressful and cheaper. Buses are half the time at about 1 quarter of the price. Oh, and you cross the Andes, whether you are going to Leñas or Bariloche, that drive is absolutely beautiful.

    1. agreed! Santiago is the shit and there aresome rad mountains up in farellones you can ski before you make the trek over the andes

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