$h*t F*#k Conditions: Johan Jonsson Crushing the Crud

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If you haven’t already seen this video floating around the internets, stop what you’re doing and watch it now.  Johan Jonsson is not a human.  He is a $h*t F*#k conditions shredding machine.  Watch as he crushes lines that would make anyone pucker, and does so in some horrendous conditions.  This is some of the strongest skiing we’ve seen in a long while…if not ever.

johan jonsson sending big mountain lines in terrible conditions

Our hats go off to you Johan, please continue to slay big lines in abominable conditions and keep the stoke factor high! 

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4 thoughts on “$h*t F*#k Conditions: Johan Jonsson Crushing the Crud

  1. amazing skier to be able to keep control of such light skis on such cardboard snow…

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