Hugo Harrisson Runs Out of Airs to Stomp, Announces Retirement

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Man on the tram in Diavolezza, Switzerland

Speaking from Chamonix, Harrisson announced that he is retiring from skiing. He will be taking all the skis he has acquired over the years and donating them to charities to be made into sleds and toboggans. Hugo Harrison will be remembered for the ‘Hugo stomp‘ that he landed airs with. Hardly a head nod and no backslap, composed through even the gnarliest and stickiest of landings.

Hugo demonstrating the Hugo stomp. video: MSP Films

The real reason for his retirement is that Hugo has stomped everything, and there’s nothing left for him to stomp. What line hasn’t been flashed, what airs haven’t been stomped by Hugo? The legend has simply run out of drops.

In the world there are only a finite number of cliffs, and after decades of searching and skiing Hugo has stomped all of them. This may not be the last skiing sees of Hugo, he has talked openly about coming out of retirement once the glaciers of Antarctica melt enough and expose more lines. We hope you know what day it is… Aprill fools!

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2 thoughts on “Hugo Harrisson Runs Out of Airs to Stomp, Announces Retirement

  1. Hugo did a lot of skiing on the B-Squad, mid to late 2,000’s.
    We were sending folks over to Silvy for April 1. could have been funny.

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