Hurricane Force Winds Toppled Semi Trucks in Utah

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Toppled Truck
With winds topping out at 99 mph Tuesday trucks across Salt Lake City toppled over. Luckily there were only a few minor injuries. Photo: NPR

On Tuesday, September 8th a cold front pushed into Utah and much of the west bringing hurricane-force winds that toppled Semi Trucks. The Utah Highway Patrol reported a record 45 overturned trucks in the greater Salt Lake area. There were multiple road closures stretching from Salt Lake City to the Idaho border.

“If you’re stuck in traffic, do not exit your vehicle due to flying debris. And, avoid parking alongside high profile vehicles.”

– Utah Highway Patrol

More than 170,000 homes and businesses lost power due to downed power lines in Utah. Wyoming had about 10,000 residents without power plus another 3,000 in southern Idaho according to Rocky Mountain Power. Residents were told it could be up to 72 hours before power was restored. The city was littered with debris and downed trees. Multiple school districts around Salt Lake City canceled classes in fear of high profile school busses tipping over.

According to the National Weather Service, the peak wind speed was 99 mph just north of Salt Lake City. The University of Utah recorded winds hitting 89 mph. Strong winds ripped across the region Monday through Wednesday wreaking havoc and stoking wildfires from Oregon to Colorado. Days after the wild event crews are still cleaning up the widespread debris.

Toppled Trees
Along with tipped over semi-trucks large trees came down as well. Many residents reported trees destroying cars and landing on houses. Photo: Desert News

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