I Just Got My Epic Pass Holder Credit for $147.80 | Here’s How It Works:

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image: vail resorts

I just got my Epic Pass Holder Credit from Vail Resorts last week on May 13th.

They state that I used my pass 20-days in 2019/20 and that that means I’m entitled to a 20% credit towards a 2020/21 Epic Pass.

My 2019/20 Epic Local Pass cost me $739 so 20% of that is $147.80 and that’s the credit they’re giving me.

My email from Vail Resorts. 5/13/20

I’m going to buy a 2020/21 Epic Local Pass which costs $729 right now.

Therefore, if I buy a 2020/21 Epic Local Pass I’ll only pay $581.20 after using my 147.80 credit.


2019/20 Epic Pass refund policy. image: vail resorts

Depending on how much you used your Epic Pass in 2019/20 you are entitled to a 20-80% credit towards your 2020/21 Epic Pass.

Anyone who used their Epic Pass for 5 or more days in 2019/20 will be getting a 20% credit.

If you used your pass for less than 5 days, you’ll be getting more back based on the above chart.

Vail Resort’s Epic Coverage season pass insurance for 2020/21.  image:  vail resorts

For next season, 2020/21, all Epic Pass holders will have Epic Coverage – Vail’s pass insurance program – for free.

Basically, if you use your pass less than 7-days in 2020/21, you’ll get a refund back (see percentages in image above).

If you use your pass for more than 7-days, you’ll get nothing back.

image: vail resorts

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