Iconic Moab, UT Trails Considered for Oil and Gas Drilling⁠

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Slickrock trail in Moab UT, is a classic biking trail that may become a new area for oil and gas drilling. Photo: Utah.com

The Slickrock Trail is one of mountain biking’s most iconic rides and a Moab, Utah classic — but it might not be for long. Under a recent Bureau of Land Management proposal, the area could open to oil and gas drilling.

The trail sits within one of seven parcels the agency is proposing opening to energy extraction, two of which are in the Sand Flats Recreation Area, a prized outdoor destination that sees over 160,000 visitors a year. The Sand Flat parcels also include parts of the Glen Canyon Aquifer, Moab’s only viable source for drinking water, as well as the upper entrance to Grandstaff Canyon and Sand Flats Road, which accesses other iconic trails like Porcupine Rim and the Whole Enchilada. They are all part of a larger 6,700-acre proposal that will be auctioned off at an oil and gas lease sale this June.

The BLM will be opening a public comment period on February 20th, 2020. Those opposing this proposed opening of the nature area for oil and gas drilling are strongly encouraged to comment and speak up for their views.

The Slickrock bike trail. Photo: Moab, Utah

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11 thoughts on “Iconic Moab, UT Trails Considered for Oil and Gas Drilling⁠

  1. Hey, don’t drill, and then we can’t afford to drive to Moab to see this.

    Does every article have to have a Leftist, climate alarmist, drug taking point of view?

    1. Petroleum worker here – we don’t need to drill everywhere. This is perhaps a place where everything is best left how it is, and the local economy of this area is probably better without new drilling. Nor will this particular zone have any affect on the price of fuel globally or locally. But neat argument your open sentence had. I give it 3 out 10.

      1. Drill ON one of the most popular and nearest to town trails in Moab to “own the libs.” Got it! Sucking up to our corporate overlords won’t get you anywhere, friend.

      2. Agreed. There are plenty of places that could be drilled that aren’t popular recreation areas. I played in this area back in the 1980s when only a few people knew about it or cared about it. It’s a beautiful place that’s used a lot today. I’m all in favor of leaving it alone.

    2. If you can’t appreciate the uniqueness of this area and lack of necessity to drill here, stay in Oregon. You CLEARLY don’t deserve the opportunity to experience a place so rare and amazing that people all over the WORLD come to see.

    3. Last I checked, outdoors users were not of one or the other “party”.
      Start moving heavy equipment into Moab, and why would you bother spending the money to go?

    4. Drilling in “Moab’s only viable source for drinking water” to own the libs. Drinking clean water is cultural Marxism and I agree, we absolutely should not be doing that as Americans.

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