VIDEO: Celebrate International Women’s Day With a Story About 4 Girlfriends Who Reconnect in the Mountains

SnowBrains |

A story about the bonds women make in the mountains, presented by Ikon Pass.

Every year, Emma and her three best friends journey to the mountains to reconnect and celebrate their long-time friendship. Despite being spread out from Colorado to England, they make these trips happen. When life gets a little crazy, the mountains bring them together again, reminding them how special these moments are.

“Up here is where we escape. Distractions disappear, our priorities become each other.”

It’s a testament to the enduring friendships of women, and their ability to go through life supporting each other. For over a century, International Women’s Day celebrated on March 8, emphasizes the unity, respect, strength, success, and appreciation of women around the world. These values come through in the mountains, where our best selves shine.

Through daily struggles, life changes, and new journeys, Emma’s girls remain a constant. Like the mountains in the distance, they’re always there, ready for another adventure.

“Here’s to this trip, to the next trip, and to all the trips after.”

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