Already have your Ikon Pass? Why not Ski Winter Park’s +20″ Dump, or KT-22 at Squaw Valley until 6pm on Sunday, May 6th

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winter park, ikon, colorado, may
Yes, this image is from May 3rd.

If you locked in your Ikon pass already in preparation for next season, did you know that you can also use it right now for spring shredding at some of North America’s top resorts?

winter park, ikon, colorado, may
Ripping some Winter Park pow. Credit: Ikon Pass.

Winter Park, CO just received almost two feet of fresh, May powder, and are still open this weekend. With next year’s Ikon pass, get some bonus spring powder days in on the legendary Mary Jane bumps and trees before the season ends.

squaw valley, ikon
Squaw Valley in spring. Perfect.

Squaw Valley, CA are celebrating the last day to ski KT-22 this season by continuously spinning the iconic chairlift from 9am-6pm this Sunday, May 6. With next season’s Ikon pass you can take advantage of late afternoon laps as the sun dips down over the Sierra Nevada.

squaw valley, ikon
KT-22 spinning 9am-6pm on Sunday, May 6th. Credit: SnowBrains

Not only does the Ikon pass give you unlimited access to some of the country’s greatest ski destinations next year, there’s the opportunity to finish this season with a bang too for no extra charge.

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