Inbounds Skier-Triggered Avalanche CLOSES Snow King Ski Area in Jackson, WY Today

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It’s simply insane in Jackson, WY right now…

  • INBOUNDS skier-triggered avalanche CLOSED Snow King ski area today.
  • “Massive wind storm” downed 17 power lines on Tuesday and left left Teton Village without power and the Jackson Hole ski resort closed until at least Monday.  
  • All the hotels in Teton Village had to be evacuated due to the loss of power.
  • It’s been POURING rain up to 8,500′ Wednesday, Thursday, and today (44ºF at midnight last night).
  • The Avalanche Danger is Extreme and High in the Tetons today and yesterday
  • Avalanche Warning Issued by NOAA and Bridger-Teton Avy Center today and yesterday
  • Flood Warning Issued by NOAA yesterday
  • Teton Pass, WY closed on Tuesday and has not reopened since.   It’s estimated to reopen on Saturday.
  • Nearly all roads leaving Jackson, WY are currently closed.  You can’t exactly leave Jackson right now…


“All Snow King lifts are closed for the remainder of the afternoon due to an in bounds skier triggered avalanche that occurred on the Belly Roll run at 2:30pm. No parties were injured and we are very grateful the two skiers involved skied away unharmed. Lifts have been closed as a precautionary measure for the afternoon. The Cougar and Rafferty Lifts will reopen in the morning as scheduled. The Summit lift will open when conditions permit. King Tubes, the Cowboy Coaster, and the magic carpet will remain open as scheduled. NO UPHILL TRAVEL PERMITTED until conditions permit.” – Snow King, today

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