Introducing: The Open One – A Ski Jacket Built from a Love for Powder

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Open One by Open Wear
Open One by Open Wear

Introducing the Open One. A ski jacket built with a singular purpose, big mountain powder days. The company behind the product is also new, Open Wear. They started with a simple idea: make one thing, make it better than anything else on the market, all at a fraction of the competitor’s price. As an outerwear company, their goal is to be the most open in the industry, from sourcing to production to sales.

Open One is constructed with eco-friendly material with an eye on high functionality. Taking input from early believers, they retooled the jacket with key features desired for a day in the back country. It just may be the best powder jacket ever conceived. The team behind this new product was also creative financially, taking it to the streets, so to speak, to fund their vision utilizing the crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter.

“It all started about a year ago, after a whole day of hiking up mountains to ride deep powder. We decided it was time to shake up the industry. We simply weren’t satisfied with the available outerwear and set a clear goal: Let’s make the best products for powder days affordable.”

Martijn Jegerings, co-founder

Kickstarter Basics:

Kickstarter is where Wall Street meets Main Street. Backing for projects comes directly from the support of others, not banks and not private equity firms. Unlike a traditional venture capital deal, project creators on Kickstarter maintain 100% ownership. That means there are no equity distributions, no financial returns, just the opportunity to see a project you believe in come to fruition. Got an idea?


Open One ski jacket is expected to be available for the first time this holiday season.

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  1. Oooo poor choice of “top access” front pockets (instead of “hand warmer style access” with down-closing zippers).

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