Irish Sports Dome in Minnesota Collapses After Heavy Snowfall

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Irish Sports Dome
The Irish Sports Dome collapsed after a snowstorm that swept through Rosemount and Dakota County this past weekend. Photo Credit:

The Irish Sports Dome is near Rosemount High School in Minnesota. The dome collapsed Saturday after a severe snowstorm swept through the Rosemont and Dakota County area, dropping about a foot of wet snow on the roof of the inflatable dome. Luckily no one was injured in the collapse.

Dome officials said in a message to the Rosemount Area Athletic Association that the collapse was caused by a “fatal rip” in the dome fabric. 

Dome officials posted this on the status of the dome after the collapse on the Irish Sports Dome Website.

“Due to the weather conditions this past Friday and Saturday, the dome is currently unavailable for use.  

All scheduled dome use during the week of April 3-8, has been cancelled.

Repair to the dome is taking place this week. Once the dome is inflated, we will assess the interior and determine a re-opening date.

We will keep you posted as we know more on repairs and ability to utilize the dome.

Our sincere apologies for any inconvenience this may be causing you.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.”

Irish Sports Dome
The Irish Sports Dome is inflated and happy. CBS

The dome wasn’t the only thing damaged in the snowstorm. The snow downed power lines throughout the area and made clearing snow difficult due to its high moisture content. 

The Irish Sports Dome is a popular place for softball, baseball, track, and other activities since the cold winter temps, lingering snow, and wet fields prevent outdoor activities.

The Irish Sports Dome has been open since 2005 and it provides just about everything for those ditching the slopes for other sports. The dome includes.

  • Over 100,000 Square feet
  • 11 v 11 Soccer/Lacrosse Field
  • 2 Softball fields for youth, high school, or college games
  • 4 training fields 32.5 yards x 60 yards
  • 5 batting cages

 It seems the dome will bounce back quickly and those in the area won’t have to run around in the snow for much longer. This incident reminded me of the Metrodome collapse in 2010 when the Minnesota Vikings Football Stadium’s roofed caved in due to snowfall. 

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