Is Colorado Really One of the Worst States to Drive in?

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I-70 ski traffic in Colorado. Credit: Andy Cross/ The Denver Post

Colorado was ranked as one of the worst states to drive in the United States according to a 2021  WalletHub reportThe report ranked Colorado as the 41st best state to drive in making it the 10th worst state to drive in. Colorado scored 52.71 out of 100.

The report details categories and methods to score each state. Each state was scored out of 100. The four main categories are Cost of Ownership & Maintenance (30 points), Traffic and Infrastructure (30 points), Safety (30 points), and Access to Vehicles & Maintenance (10 points). Each category was further divided into sub-categories to get an accurate score. A few of the subcategories include average gas price, traffic fatality rate, car theft rate, and share of rush hour traffic congestion.

The lighter the state is, the worst it is to drive in. Credit: WalletHub

Colorado scored poorly in multiple categories. Colorado is the second-worst state for car theft. The state scored 39th in traffic and infrastructure and 32nd in cost of ownership and maintenance. Rush hour and congestion are ranked 40th, which isn’t surprising considering how bad ski traffic can get.

On the bright side, Colorado is ranked 16th in access to Vehicles and Maintainance and 28th for safety. Colorado also comes in at 2nd place in access to alternative fuel stations. Despite some snowy roads now and then, the state is ranked 6th for the number of days of precipitation and gets ample sunshine.

Texas, on the contrary, was ranked the best state to drive in with a score of 62.89 of 100.  This is ironic considering how Colorado drivers portray out of state drivers—especially Texans.

Is Colorado really one of the worst states to drive in based on your experience? Let us know what you think!

Colorado was ranked 40th in rush hour and congestion. Photo: The Denver Post

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  1. I-25 corridor is a race track, with people swapping lanes at high speed when it’s flowing, and a parking lot when it isn’t. Distracted drivers, potheads…yeah, it’s pretty bad, at least on the Eastern Slope.

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