Is Kelly Slater the Greatest Athlete of All-Time?

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Happy Birthday, legend.

Posted by World Surf League on Thursday, February 11, 2016

Kelly Slater is quite possibly still the best surfer on Earth and today he turns 44-years-old.  

He very well maybe the greatest athlete of all time. Jump below to the infographic and you’ll be boggled by his statistics. He’s simply dominated surfing in a way that no one else has ever dominated a sport.

Kelly has won 11 World Championships in his career and he just won the Volcom Pipe Pro at Banzai Pipleline, Hawaii, one of the gnarliest waves on Earth.

The guy is beating people in their teens.  He’s beating guys who weren’t born when he won his first title.

Kelly is the youngest to ever win the world tour and the oldest to ever win the world tour.

The guy is a legend and he’ll be going for his 12th world title in 2016/17.  We can’t wait to watch it.

Happy Birthday Kelly Slater.

Highlights of Kelly winning the Volcom Pipe Pro last week:

Oh, and you’ve got to see this: Is Kelly Slater the greatest athlete of all time?

image:  quicksilver, 2012
image: quicksilver, 2012

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