Is This the Most Expensive Skateboard in the World?

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Louis Vuitton’s new $60,000 skateboard! Image: Twitter

Virgil Abloh is one of the most prominent designers in the fashion industry. He is the founder of Off-White and has worked with big-name brands including Louis Vuttion and Supreme. Celebrities around the world can be seen wearing Virgil’s clothing and his unique “QUOTATION” design has reshaped the world of fashion. In just the last few years, Virgil Abloh has absolutely blown up and has created a massive following behind his name, his brand, and his collaborations.

Off-White x Nike Air Vapormax. “AIR”. Image: Facebook

Virgil’s most recent work is a collaboration with Louis Vuitton that includes two new models of skateboards with carrying cases that are sold separately. Each skateboard debuts at $2,660 and the matching carrying cases at $58,500, making the complete set $61,160. Both the boards and the carrying cases have bright, colorful patterns which are embedded with Louis Vuitton’s famous LV logo. The brand describes the board as:

“A true collectors’ item, it is finished with Monogram-engraved wheels and Monogram screws demonstrating the House’s minute attention to detail.”

Due to the major hype behind the brand, the skateboards sold out quickly, but they will continually be restocked on their website. The board shapes out to be 8.3 x 31.5 x 3.9 inches and is made from wood, aluminum, and polymer. A matching outfit can complete the look for only $7,500 extra which is chump change compared to the skateboard set itself.

In previous years, Louis Vuitton skateboards have resold for up to around $90,000These price points are not unusually high given the luxurious items that this brand continually releases and centers itself around, but it is definitely much more than what the average consumer can afford and is willing to spend. So, next time you’re thinking about purchasing a new car or renting a new apartment, just remember that you are missing out on Louis Vuitton’s new skateboard set and its matching outfit for the price of $68,660. I mean, you would easily be the best-looking skater in the park!

Imagine showing up to the skatepark like this. Image: Twitter

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  1. DUMB… This kind of materialism is what’s wrong with the world. People spending 100K on a skateboard?!?! My partner and I don’t make that in a year. F these people that are buying this kind of needless shit for the sake of having expensive bullshit. I hate people. Snowbrains…this article is f’d, why do you post this? Who cares? I’m sure you won’t approve this message…

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