It’s Pond Skimming Season: Here’s How to Set Yourself Up for Success

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Pond Skimming
Riding Out The Pond; image:

Surf’s up, it’s pond skimming season! There’s no better way to rein in the end of the season than hucking yourself across a freezing pond of water. With multiple ways to have a successful pond skim, this event is guaranteed limitless fun. Whether your goal is to make it all the way to shore or appease the crowd with the gnarliest splash, here are some tips on how to successfully send it this year.

As one of the most prestigious events of the season, many resorts draw quite the crowd at their end-of-season splash parties. Pond skims are judged based on the contestants’ send with the most style, the most distance, and the best appearance—usually a ridiculous costume.

Pond Skimming Style
Sending With Stylish Spreader; image:

First things first: it’s important to choose your preferred method of skimming. The options are endless whether it’s a snowboard, set of skis, snowblades, or maybe even the crowd’s favorite snow bike. If your goal is to make it all the way to shore without splashing you’ll want to find a nice fat ski or snowboard that’ll have plenty of surface area to support you all the way across. Alternatively, if you’re looking for something more maneuverable to make a splash with, snow blades can be a great option. 

After choosing your preferred mode of skimming, it’s time to piece together a show-stopping costume. This is arguably the most important part of the event. The more random the better. Costumes can range from the classic neon 80s themed onesies, to superheroes sporting water wings. The more unique your outfit is, the more crowd appeal it’ll have. Think outside the box, nothing is off the table. 

Full Send Pond Skim
Full Sending it At Keystone’s Pond Skim; image:
Pond Skim on Blades
Sending the Pond Skim on Blades; image:
Pons Skimming Splash
Incoming Face Shot! Snowbasin Pond skim; image:

Now comes the actual challenge: what to do after hitting the water. Since you’ll quite literally be water skiing, it’s important not to lean too far forward. As you initially build speed towards the pond resist the urge to speed check. Pond skims are most successful if you fully commit to the send. Once you hit the water just lean back, find your sweet spot, and (hopefully) ride it out to the end. 

All in all, it’s just skiing. Don’t overthink it! In fact, the more fun you’re having the more successful you’ll be. The best part about pond skimming is it’s meant to be ridiculous and a great way to finish out the season by combining both winter and summer. 

Successful Pond Skim
Successful Pond Skimmer at Winter Park’s Spring Splash! image:

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