Jackson Hole Conditions Report: Grey Bird Grins

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Liz getting the goods P: Andrew Chad

I got up early this morning to shoot the sunrise and it was absolutely bluebird.  An amazing sunrise means a clear blue bird day, yeah? No, in the Tetons you are always at the mercy of the weather.  By mid morning the sky clouded over and we finally made it out onto the mountain.

JH Tram Jammin

It was no pow day but the snow on groomers was quite good.   This was also my first time skiing Jackson Hole and holy hell they have some awesome groomers.  One of the things my home mountain Squaw Valley lacks is quality, long, steep groomers.  Jackson Hole definitely has more than enough ripping smooth corduroy to keep you busy all day long.

Great Groomers

At around noon we were skiing the tram near Corbets couloir and decided to check it out.  To make a long story short it looked pretty bad from the top so we spared ourselves the icy entry and went to find some small cliffs to drop knees down.  Turned out today was not the day to be sending cliffs either due to the fact the previous two days have been quite warm.

Debating to do corbets…

The snow set up these past few days and really made off piste skiing sub par.  Either way, when Jackson Hole is good I can tell it’s probably REALLY good.  The terrain here is absolutely awesome.  It actually reminds me a lot of Squaw with lots of rocks and steep terrain to jump off and rip down.

Tele nose butter 3!

I have to say carving tele turns down chalky groomers was the highlight today.  It wasn’t the right conditions to ski off piste or send cliffs.  I cant wait to return next year with some better conditions to send all the playful inbounds big mountain terrain here at Jackson Hole.


Snow Numbers


Stoked Liz
Stoked Loren
He sent it!
Looking into Corbets
Gnar tram terrain.
Loren gazing into Teton heaven.
Liz shredding
Kings and Queens
Cody Peak
I fell..
drop the knee, lick the … 😉
Beautiful views still

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