Jackson Hole Conditions Report, January 3rd, 2018: It’s good!

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It’s good! skier: Roger Romani

My first day (ever!) in Jackson was one for the books. The mountain is huge, steep, and above all else fun. I’m very, very glad I made the 12 hour drive from Tahoe.

We started out the day by looking into Corbetts (which was closed), and then hitting the Alta chutes on the way to Sublette. Snow was a cold chalk that skied really well.

Corbetts jackson hole
Corbetts. It was closed :(. Snow looked nice and windblown, and the drop to get in looked reasonable. photo: Roger Romani/Snowbrains
Above the Alta Chutes, ripable chalk. Highly recommended. skier: Hunter Swan, photo: Roger Romani/Snowbrains
Jackson Alta Chutes
Below the Alta Chutes. Also ripable chalk. Also highly recommended. skier: Roger Romani

I decided to jump off of a rock called Daydream under the Sublette chair, and ended up kneeing myself in the chin fairly hard. Should have worn my mouth guard… On the bright side, I got to experience firsthand that the lift-heckling culture is just as established at Jackson as it is in Squaw.

Daydream in the Alta Chutes. Landing was… somewhat flat. Not pictured: people yelling at me from the lift, and the sound of my knees hitting my chin. If that sounds fun, then it was fun. skier: Roger Romani

After taking a few more laps on Sublette, we headed over the Tensleep bowl, where the windlips were highly sendable, and then over to the hike up to Casper bowl.

The hike to Casper Bowl. Fresh turns to be had to the right of the bootpack! photo: Roger Romani/Snowbrains

There were essentially fresh turns to be had next to the hike (still!) and tracked up but rippable powder in the bowl above the top of the Bridger gondola. We found some semi-baked out but fun straightlines immediately above the top of the Bridger gondola.

Off of the Casper Bowl traverse. Tracked, and a little baked, but I’d still call it pow? skier: Roger Romani

Expert chutes were holding snow really well. Turn left instead of continuing to traverse right to get some smooth fresh turns.

After the light got a bit flat in the shade, we headed over to the sun facing slopes under Marmot. Snow was seeing a lot of sun, and even felt springy in places (flashbacks to Squaw…).

Under Marmot. It’s always fun to get your feet off the snow. skier: Roger Romani

To finish up the day we headed back up the tram to make a few turns in the Rendezvous Bowl. Wind blown, edgeable, rippable, 100% good times snow.

Rendezvous Bowl. skier: Hunter Swan, photo: Roger Romani/Snowbrains

Weather: very cold in the morning (putting on the boots I left in my car was $%^& hard!), inversion layer during the day. ~10 F at the base, ~20-30 F up high. I was fine in a T-shirt and shell, was too hot with a down jacket underneath. The hikes got us pretty warm.

The Tram on full display. Bluebird conditions, inversion layer. photo: Roger Romani/snowbrains

In conclusion:

It’s good.

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