Jackson Hole is Holding Strong!

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Jackson has a deep base....for December!!
Jackson has a solid base….for December!!

Jackson Hole is holding steady with a deep early season base after a short warm up. It may have only snowed 7 inches in the last week, but short lines at any lift and low temps in the alpine have kept resort skiing incredibly well with those willing to hike for it finding deep snow!!

Corbet"s has a way to go
Getting there!

After an incredible start in western Wyoming the snow machine started to slow this past week bringing warmer temps and less precipitation. Luckily mostly cloudy conditions gave protection from the sun and allowed the base to stand strong after the less than ideal weather.

The iconic Corbet's Couloir, closed to the public for.....snowmaking
The iconic Corbet’s Couloir, closed to the public for…..snowmaking

Conditions in the resort area were contrasting greatly from top to bottom. Lower elevations generally being affected by warm temps and melt freeze action. At upper elevation temps stayed cooler and anything not hit by the sun stayed riding fantastic! Other aspects suffered and turned firm during this period, even up high, but the lack of people allowed for plenty of fun to be had!

Short lifts lines make any condition ideal!
Short lifts lines make any condition ideal!

Groomers over last week were riding better than ever, warm temps softened the likes of the Casper lift area and allowed for you to really dig in on those turns, and not to mention no people so you could turn it up a notch.

It might not be blower, but it's still good, real good! Skier: Tyler Knecht
It might not be blower, but it’s still good! Skier: Tyler Knecht

Other conditions around the resort have been top notch, a great base has allowed even for the little bit of snow we received last week to ride like deep storm days if you can find the smooth underneath. And if your willing to work for it it’s there!!

Areas around the resort were riding, well you see! Rider: Ian Tarbox
Areas around the resort were riding…. well you see! Rider: Ian Tarbox


Courtesy: http://www.jhavalanche.org
12/15/14 Courtesy of: http://www.jhavalanche.org

Teton Village Forecast

More snow on the way!! Courtesy of: noaa.gov
Holding strong!!
Base depths are holding strong!! Courtesy of: noaa.gov

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