Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, WY Report: Sunshine Sessions

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This guy’s got the idea. Photo: P.M.Fadden

Report from Thursday 24th March 2022, and brought to you by Jackson Hole Mountain Resort

Word out of the Mountain Resort camp describes these days as, all about the FUNdamentals. And we’re very much feeling that groove.

The quick and very welcome refresh of earlier has been followed by a sustained stretch of “Code Blue” conditions that’s granted a definite ‘License to Chill’ to the east side of the Teton Mountains.

Picking-out lines among the panorama. Photo: P.M.Fadden

Full sun has this magnificent lit-up like a beacon, it’s softened the surface layer of every aspect it touches, and it does wonders to lighten the spirits. Every-which-way, there are big relaxed smiles on display at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort.

More than a few proper groomer laps are a wise morning ritual. They’re a sure-fire method for adding that special ‘wind-on-face’ sort of zip to a day.

Following that, let the dogs loose across Mountain Resort’s far-ranging terrain. Naturally, in those areas where snow is receding from this direct sun, there’s bound to be a hazard or two, so keep the eyes peeled when edges-on. But really that too can add thrill to a line, and just might provide opportunity for creativity where it’s least expected.

The Tetons are famed for their options. But be sure to know before ‘go.’ Photo: P.M.Fadden

So far this season, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort has benefited by 321 inches of that much-loved Teton White Gold, and every turn or bomb hole in it continues to be a wildly good time.

Reserved ticketing makes planning the ski day smoothly convenient, as does the excellent public transit–which literally rolls right to the front steps.

Aerial Tram at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort arrives to waffles, vistas, and ripper descents. Photo: P.M.Fadden

‘Round these parts, summit elevation is a mighty 10,450 feet but the spirits of the skiers and snowboarders is arguably higher still.

And there’s plenty on the horizon to be stoked about. Jackson Hole Mountain Resort has a bit of a facelift in the works with the replacement of chairlift, Thunder Quad.

Sunshine and Good Times in the forecast, seek and enjoy!


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